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We are still proud of our work, we love the challenges and we are always looking for solutions for any difficult proposition to meet. We try to guide our customers to the best solution for their requirements and that is why we are very proud to work with weinor, the great variety of high quality sun protection products are available for us to offer to our customers with the guarantees that weinor offers.
In 1960, weinor, started as a small artisan business, gradually grew into the big brand it is today. More than 60 years of experience gives us confidence, weinor products are of high quality and we trust them blindly, so we can guarantee our customers that they are acquiring awnings perfectly prepared for their functions, whether they are awnings for sun protection or awnings prepared to enjoy them in the rain. Working with the best is always a great success.
As a result of this collaboration, Disper has been appointed as an official weinor partner. The only company to have this distinction in the Balearic Islands.

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