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Building with DISPER CAJAISLANT we get the best thermal and acoustic insulation for the accommodation of our shutters in the built work, integrating the cover box for shutter with maximum respect for the architectural lines of the building. We have special cover boxes, in the same way we can also design and manufacture customised cover boxes for your project, adapting to your specifications.

Made of high-density EPS 40kg/m3, coated inside with glass resin to increase the resistance and on the outside with nano-plaster to improve the grip of the finish.

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Disper Cajaislant cover boxes are the only shutter cover boxes on the market with certificates of resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation.

Thermal insulation: Formed by a shell of high density expanded polystyrene 40kg/m3 with a thermal transmittance of U = 0,035W / mK. Together as an element it has a thermal transmittance value of U = 0,5 – 1,69W / m2K certified by Applus.

Acoustic insulation: According to tests made in independent agencies the standard cover box has an acoustic insulation that reduces to < 40dB the outside noise certified by Applus.

Lintel: Reinforced by two perforated plates of galvanized steel and designed for a maximum stability, which guarantee its resistance. In its lower part it has aluminum profiles that give solidity and allow the support of the coating. In tests conducted by the external research institute Neuwied, it offers a resistance up to 1936N for a section of 2 meters long, so with a usual load of 270kg / m2 it doesn´t require any reinforcement for sections of 2 meters or less.

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Shadow DISPER is a thermally insulated cover box for external venetians which complies with the passivhaus standard. 

Made with guarantee of German quality by Beck-Heun with high density EPS 40kg / m3 with a thermal transmittance of U = 0,035W / m2K and steel structure that guarantees its resistance and that it is self-supporting.

At the same time its lightness allows it to be easily manipulated by one person doing the building work. For its attachment to the construction it has some steel strips which anchor it to the upper frame, in addition to the side supports.

This cover box for venetians is very adaptable: we have standard sizes with a width of 280mm and with stacking heights 260/310/360/440 or tailored according to your project needs.

We can also provide solutions for different geometries: grandstand, round facades, angles, adaptation to pillars. On the other hand it can be installed with venetians, powered by a motor or with crank.


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