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Full range of mobile covering roofs with sliding sheets, custom made, allowing the creation of new protected living spaces, cozy, safe and comfortable surroundings.


It is a mobile covering of sheets with bearings, custom-built and allowing to extend the living spaces, creating cozy, safe and secure surroundings. The design of its solid profiles allows us to achieve exits of up to 7 m and make sheets of up to 2 m which it manages to create the most diaphanous space possible, limiting the number of beams that are needed.

The glass chamber allows a better thermal and energy efficiency than a monolithic glass. The composition of the glass chamber is composed of a tempered top which supports impacts and a security laminated shatterproof glass at the bottom to avoid possible release of shards in case of broken glass.

The design of their profiles and their structural sheets allows a perfect evacuation of water that prevents leaks and water accumulation on the roof.


It is a complete range of fixed roofs which cover a big variety of needs. Their structures are simple but with a great resistance and durability. The top cover can be made of simple glass, polycarbonate or sandwich panels with different finishes.

The current advanced technology of the sandwich panel allows a wide range of finishes for the ceiling. This opens a world of decorative possibilities that come to join harmonically with the roof protection factors:

  • Standard panel:
    Panel with double metal layer with different lacquers, including very well obtained imitations of wood.
  • Tile panel:
    This panel, at the top part has a perfect imitation of the traditional tile. With this panel a very aesthetically pleasant effect is achieved.
  • Acoustic tile panel:
    The acoustic tile is made of recycled rubber. It eliminates any noise from wind, rain, or any other source. It is manufactured in various colors.
  • Polycarbonate:
    Polycarbonate is luminous, durable and adds very little weight to the whole set. It is a very effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for the closing of spaces.
  • Glass:
    If you wish for total transparency, the solution is Skygallery with simple glass cover.


It is a sliding roof panel made of cellular polycarbonate plaques or sandwich panel, both 16 mm thick. It is a lightweight system, carefully designed, where the priority is the functionality at a competitive price. Its features are among the most recognized systems in the industry. It can be supplied in any color of the RAL card and it is compatible with awning systems as well as with glass curtains and aluminium enclosures.

Effective water evacuation prevents possible water entry inside of the enclosure.

It is available in manual and motorized version. In the motorized version the engine is hidden and highlights by its low noise level.

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