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It has been always a luxury to live in the Balearic Islands and Disper works to make the best of your space.
We continue to convert outdoor spaces so that you can take advantage of all the possibilities that your terrace offers. Any season of the year you can enjoy it.
With our pergolas and glass curtains you can be covered in any weather conditions, you will enjoy the mild winter and you will also be protected from the hot sun.
The slats of our Mallorca model Pergola are adjustable, when opened, the air indoors is regenerated. When closed, they create a completely airtight room. Our Mallorca pergola is made to measure and allows surfaces of up to 28 m2 and if that is not enough we can add modules to reach the desired dimensions.
The leaves of our DP-35 Glass Curtain have the advantage of opening leaving more than 95% of the width of the opening free. With this we can include our exterior spaces to the interior, when the temperature invites to it or keep them closed in the coldest seasons. Its glazing formed by two glasses sheets separated by a dehydrated air chamber is a perfect thermal and acoustic insulator. Totally watertight up to winds of 80.33 km/h (very strong winds). For 25 minutes, it withstands rainfall of up to 720 l/h.

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