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DISPER offers a variety of curtains and blinds, with attractive and elegant designs that adapt to all environments, making them unique. Systems that give you total control over your privacy, with which you can regulate the entry of light, and in turn, will help you achieve greater energy savings.

Installing decorative curtains in your home will bring you some unique advantages:
– Energy saving. Reducing consumption of air conditioning appliances.
– Visual comfort. Avoid reflections and bright contrasts.
– Privacy. Allows you to see from the inside without being seen from the
– Decoration and interior design. It adapts to any architectural environment.

DISPER interior curtains are made with different types of fabrics and in a different colour finish to suit each installation: We have a variety of systems from which you can choose the one that best suits your space.

Choosing how you will Dress the windows is fundamental when decorating your home, and we help you Choose the best option



It is a technical curtain of interior with collection system by winding, equipped with the OMNI-VIEW system, which makes possible the orientation of the fins with the curtain completely lowered. The aluminium drawer, which is characterized by a rounded design, can be supplied in standard colours or on request.


Are for indoor use, adjustable and stackable, ideal for regulating the entry of Light. They are available in aluminum and wood.


Especially suitable for covering large glazed surfaces and for separating environments within the same room.


DISPER offers a range of roller curtains systems that are a faithful reflection of the demands of the market, covering any need. We highlight DP ENROLLABLE UNIVERSAL SYSTEM, the simplest and offers the possibility of achieving a modern and comfortable environment in your home, DP ENROLLABLE MINI that adapts to the leaf of your window and does not prevent the opening being closed and DP ENROLLABLE DUO, an innovative system with two curtains attached, is manufactured with two fabrics to choose to play with transparencies optimally regulating lights and shadows.



The DP Magic is the most sophisticated and cutting edge curtain. The design of its fabric, formed by horizontal, opaque and transparent bands that overlap each other, give way to the creation of tenuous and peaceful environments where they awake the senses. The whim of light and its encounter with the bands of the fabric create a new concept in the world of the curtain.

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