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ceiling roof skylights


Through the skylights available in Disper we can use as much natural light as we want, saving on lighting costs.

In addition, only with the natural light, you can appreciate the true color of the things, without distortion due to spotlights and without missing the sensation of space.

Bathrooms, dressing rooms or kitchens among other rooms will be the most grateful with this solution.

There is also the option to have a ventilation system or exit to the outside to access the deck from the inside.

They are only supplied in standard sizes.

claraboya cuadrada

Thanks to our extensive catalog, we provide in a standard way: square, rectangular, circular and pyramidal skylights.

Made from methacrylate, they can be transparent or in ice color, and thanks to the material properties, it doesn’t get yellow and it maintains transparency for years.

claraboya rectangular

We recommend Bivalva dome which is the union of two domes forming an intermediate air chamber, especially suitable to prevent condensation that occurs under extreme conditions of humidity and temperature, guaranteeing a good thermal insulation.

There are also special domes for specific uses.

claraboya circular

The skirting board, completely made of PVC, with an air chamber that provides a better thermal insulation.

The outside part is striped to facilitate the grip of the waterproofing and the inside part is in white PVC.


Manually operated skylights with telescopic opening. The telescopic dampers facilitate the opening maneuver. It is an opening system specially designed to access to the outside. It is generally used to exit to the deck from the inside. This system is not suitable for ventilation.

Depending on the size of the skylight its opening will vary from 70º up to 85º  and it will be provided with one or two telescopic dampers.

It is available in square, rectangular and pyramidal shape.


Skylights manually operated by awning-type lever. It is an opening system for ventilation. Specially designed to provide ventilation in bathrooms, hallways, warehouses, shops..

It is operated by a 1,8m of length awning-type lever. By turning the lever the dome is opened, which enables you to fix it in any position up to a maximum opening of 30 cm. It is not advisable to place it in heights over 4m.

It is available in square, rectangular, pyramidal, circular shape.


Skylights of electric operation working by a pushbutton thanks to the electric motor. It is a system for ventilation. Especially intended for ventilation of halls, offices, stairwells, department stores, when looking for a maximum comfort or as well as when it is going to be placed in heights over 4 meters.

Its maximum opening is 23 cm.

There is the possibility to supply the electrical skylight with a rain sensor, wind sensor, control unit and remote controls.

It is available in square, rectangular, pyramidal, circular shape.

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