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Adjustable and retractable blinds allow excellent light regulation natural, offer optimal protection from the aggressions produced by the sun, prevent glare and create an atmosphere of comfort and privacy perfect in any environment.


GM 200

The elegant GM 200 metal shutter is unique and meets high aesthetic standards.

The great advantage of metal blinds is the appearance, which is not affected by textile or elevator belts.

The rocking and retrieving mechanism is installed invisible on the side guides,
allowing maximum blackout and isolation thermal and simplifies cleaning.

Thanks to the integrated anti-lift device, the roller shutter also meets the highest creep protection requirements. It is very stable in the wind, extremely robust and durable.


Robust and safe first-class sun and weather protection system

The all-metal blind GM 200 exemplifies modern technical sophistication.

It is a fantastic option for places with a greater need for security, such as single-family homes, ground-floor apartments or commercial and administrative buildings. The locks on the side guides make life difficult for thieves.

These side guides also house the lifting mechanism, a solid roller chain and maintenance free and rocker mechanism.

If something is under the all-metal shutter when it is being lowered, there is a device protection against overshoot that protects the product and prevents any damage. You can choose between two different slat shapes and an extruded profile variant.

They have a specially designed slat shape for buckling resistance with a lip attached noise suppressor, held in place on both sides with metal brackets and are secured with stainless steel clips.



The VR 90W, stable and wind resistant, has been specially designed for buildings in areas exposed to the wind and tested by the IFT institute in Rosenheim (Germany).

Greater stability and resistance to wind also means better ecological and energy balance.



  • Can also be used during storms: wind stability tested to the degree Beaufort 11 (102 118 km / h) or wind resistance class 6.
  • Extra slim rope guides add extra stability to the shade.
  • For buildings in areas exposed to wind.
  • Easy adjustment of the interior light.


  • High wind stability: the combination of rope guide and profile guide allows a
    much higher wind stability.
  • Elegant slat profile for aesthetically pleasing facades.
  • Guides equipped with UV stabilized noise reduction profile for a quiet operation.
  • Excellent insulating properties that reduce energy costs.
  • Solid slats with 90 mm wide flange on both sides with noise profiles and darkening.
  • All essential mechanical components can be replaced on site.


Proven composite external louver technology is easy to use, quiet and extremely popular.

The special shape of its slats ensures continuous and precise control of daylight.

This allows you to actively design the lighting mood in the room to an ideal quality of life and work, as well as for a restful sleep. Our VR70 and VR90 external blinds made of composite material impress with their wide range of uses.

They are suitable for single-family or multi-family homes, as well as for public buildings and
office buildings and adapts to the most varied building situations in terms of aesthetics and technology.


Easy light control for a wonderful atmosphere

Because the slats can be freely adjusted to any position, you can design the optimal daylight control to meet your needs. Offers excellent properties insulation at lower energy costs and can be retrofitted in many buildings.

For added security and durability, the mounting strap is also reinforced with Kevlar.

The compact venetian blind is available in two designs: VR 90 (width 90 mm) and
VR 70 (width 70 mm), which differ mainly in the width of their slats, the number of space they occupy and the overall appearance they create on the façade.

There is also the option of a profile or cable guide in the guide system, or a combination of both variants for greater wind stability. Whether it is installed in the hole, with a panel or pre-hung, the compact venetian blind can be very well integrated into almost any architectural setting. The long service life and the fact that it is easy to maintain and care for add value to the compact venetian blind.



If you are looking for a classic and elegant style blind, the KR80 is for you.

Aesthetically it is very beautiful and with equally important constructive values.

Its simple yet durable structure requires little maintenance.

Its curved slats are harmonious and refined but at the same time very functional, they are especially suitable for renovations, responding to the minimum depth of the lintel.


Classic and highly efficient sun and weather protection system.

The convex venetian blind is available in two designs: the KR 80 (width 80 mm) and the KR 60 (width 60 mm), which differ mainly in the width of their slats and the number of space they occupy.

Individual aluminum slats are connected with Kevlar lifting cord reinforced through the stainless steel eyelets stamped into the flanges of the slat.

In addition to all this, various profile guides are available in different shapes and designs, and the KR 80 also comes with the option of a cable guide. Whether it is installed in the shaft, with a panel or at the front of the building, the convex venetian blind can be integrated very well in almost any architectural environment and is exceptionally easy to maintain and look after.


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