Weinor’s cassette awning I/K/N 2000

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Awnings N 2000
Awnings N 2000

The Weinor I/K/N 2000 cassette awning is the proven, classic all-rounder.

With its variants you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • The I 2000 without back wall for level building facades.
  • The K 2000 with a back plate for uneven foundations.
  • The N 2000 for niche applications.

The robust Weinor awning with its support bar can be used almost anywhere.

Awnings I/K 2000

As the decoration on the front profile and the side covers suggests, it tends towards a more industrial design.

Optionally, you can choose it with a LED light bar that makes the awning part of any stylish evening. With simple and straight lines, it is designed to meet a specific need.

Awnings N 2000
Awnings N 2000

In Disper we carry out the installation of all these models of awnings of the leading brand Weinor.

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