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Venetian Blinds in Majorca

External venetian blinds have always been the most common means of maintaining privacy in our homes and protecting them, as well as regulating the entry of light.

For years, the market for blinds has been very limited in models, we found roller or Majorcan blinds, which even today, play an important role in our privacy and protection.

At Disper, over time, we have been updating our products and offering the latest trends in sun protection. We do not eliminate the classic blinds, but we renew our offer, in order to reach all kinds of customers.

We are currently offering Griesser venetian blinds, which not only have very good features, but have also been very well received by all our customers.

The reasons for their success are obvious: the venetian blinds are very practical to use, they have a motorized drive to make them easy to use at the touch of a button, they ensure energy savings during the summer, provide excellent protection against glare and allow the intensity of light to be regulated, thus preventing the room from getting hot. These types of blinds require minimal maintenance.

When autumn or winter comes, when temperatures drop, they act in the same way, preventing the room from getting cold and, at the same time, automatic solar protection systems can reduce energy consumption by up to 10%, thanks to the fact that they allow natural light into the home, as well as providing high resistance to wind.

Another feature to highlight is its anti-raising protection system, which prevents the blinds from being raised from the outside, thus preventing unwanted entry into your home.

The collection system is like the classic Venetian blind, the slats are collected vertically and are hidden in a drawer, which in turn can be hidden in the wall, so the aesthetics of your home are not affected.

If you have already convinced yourself to renew your blinds, saving energy and giving your home a modern touch, do not hesitate to visit us to get to know the models closely and take advantage of our advice to meet your needs.

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