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The shutter boxes for construction are the most demanded in newly built homes. They are prefabricated thermo-acoustic boxes of various sizes that can be adjusted to the different needs of rolling or stacking.

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Manufactured in Neopor of density 30Kgm3 with thermal conductivity of λ=0.031 W/mK, with asymmetrical wall thicknesses to gain maximum interior insulation. They are reinforced with cellular PVC to avoid thermal bridges, optionally they can be reinforced on the outside with different galvanised profiles and 5mm structural aluminium for exposed brickwork. Cellular PVC ends in both ranges with a thermal conductivity of λ=0.086 W/mK, which completely insulates the box.

Neopor is a new insulation product consisting mainly of expandable polystyrene for the production of granite-coloured foam with considerably improved thermal insulation properties, especially in the apparently low density range.

The black particles (due to graphite), in the form of pearls, are transformed into a rigid, granite- coloured foam, which has considerably better thermal and acoustic insulation properties than the usual insulation materials to date, especially in the apparently low density range, and the same insulation is obtained with significantly less raw material or less insulation material thickness.

Neopor has the advantage that, in addition to being a stupendous thermal insulator, it is also a great sound insulator.

Shutter boxes are used for both roller shutters and external venetian blinds. They are placed above the window openings, thus avoiding the use of part of the window surface to place the box, so there is no loss of light and ventilation.

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The use of construction boxes is always an advantage, the current CTE regulations require a minimum insulation in each element of the construction to promote energy savings.

At DISPER we are in the habit of progress and improve in each of our products.

DISPER shutter boxes for construction achieve with current normative and are always a good choice.

Thermal study for thermal bridges. Program THERM Version Remarks: Study does not include plaster, plasterboard, plaster, additional insulation, so the results in finished work exceed the values.

thermal study
thermal study
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