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When we talk about design, we know that we are looking for different and special elements that gives our home a special touch. The doors are one of the most important parts, as by choosing the appropriate one, we can maintain the essence of the construction.

pivotable door Mallorca

If you want the entrance of your house to be something special and different, do not hesitate to choose pivot doors with a vertical axis.

Its opening mode is different from that of ordinary hinged doors. Pivot doors work by means of a vertical axis.


Thanks to the way they open, they can be 1,80 m. wide or even more, without weighing more than 300 kg.

If we think that entrance doors are usually about 90 cm. in width when we choose this type of opening, we know that we can get a door more than twice as wide as a common one. We can also choose the direction of opening, inside or outside.

This type of opening offers the exclusive touch that is sought in modern design of minimalist aesthetics with a spacious and luminous opening.

At Disper we also have a wide variety of PVC and aluminium entrance doors so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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