Kubata & Kubata LED, the Weinor cubic cassette awning

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Kubata Weinor Ownings Mallorca

The Weinor Kubata model is the new generation of awnings offering high quality.

The awning cassette creates clean lines against the building facade with it’s almost perfectIy square shape. The fabric and other components are weII protected from the elements.

SimpIe with no visible fixings. Kubata’s clear, uniform shape, it stems from an overall aesthetic concept dominated by smooth surfaces. The awning cassette is enhanced by the clean appearance and no visible fixings The house and awning in harmony. With the Kubata cassette awning the transitions are

smooth. With its cubic shape it bIends perfectIy into modern house architecture as a styIish design eIement.

It form a balanced symbiosis that meets the highest aesthetic requirements.

At Disper we are professionals and experts in the installation of Kubata awnings in Mallorca. You can see all our high quality awning products by clicking on the button below.

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