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Taking advantage of the special climate we enjoy in the Balearic Islands, one of the best decisions we can make is to incorporate the outdoors of our homes to the indoors, which would allow us to enjoy them any season of the year.
Many people decide to close their terraces and porches with glass curtains, but in winter, due to the excess humidity, it is not very comfortable to be inside for a long period of time, which forces the use of heaters or heat pumps for a long time.
Since our main aspiration is to save energy for the planet’s benefit and our wallets, and we do not want to give up the pleasure of enjoying our terraces when the weather does not allow it, we present the new DP-35 Glass Curtain.
It is a glass curtain prepared to protect us from the wind, rain and cold. It incorporates glass with chamber which provides greater thermal and acoustic insulation. Its vertical profiles of only 4 cm. have been specially designed to cause the least visual impact. When opened, the system allows an unobstructed view, leaving more than 92% of the space free.
Maximum wind resistance CLASS 6, from 39 to 49 Km/h.
Reinforced latches to withstand winds up to 120 km/h.
Air permeability CLASS 2, less than or equal to 50 m3/h per square metre.
Totally airtight for strong winds of 80.33 km/h.
Water tightness CLASS 3A. For 25 minutes, withstands rainfall of up to 720 l/h.
Acoustic reduction of up to 34 dB.
For all these reasons DP-35 becomes one of the Glass Curtains with more possibilities, moreover it is aesthetically a wise choice.

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