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As a synonym of future, energy savings and efficiency of the buildings through the enclosures of metal carpentry, in Disper we bet on the manufacturing of windows, balconies and PVC doors, we count with the support of a major manufacturer as ALPHACAN, the Italian leader for PVC systems, innovating with special blends appropriately enriched with high level components.

We seek the desire to satisfy your project through carpentry which is respectful to the environment and taking care of timeless lines of design and aesthetics.

The Alphacan enclosures also offer us a barrier against acoustic pollution, and safety and protection for our home.

The PVC as a material, is already self-insulated, thus the multi-chambered profiles of carpentry keep us inside with the adequate conditions, independently of the external conditions without requiring high energy supply by the transmittance of cold and/ or heat generated by the outer enclosure and saving energy and greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.


It is environmentally friendly and can be completely recycled. The energy consumption for the production of this material requires less energy than the majority of materials.


The action of time and atmospheric agents do not alter the PVC that only needs a water cleaning with neutral soap and periodical greasing of its fittings.


Extremely safe for any construction, the PVC is fireproof and self-extinguishing. This reduces the danger of new points of ignition induced by a fire.


The values of acoustic insulation are far superior to carpentry made with other materials, thanks to the property of the profiles that absorb the sound waves.



ALPHACAN IN´ALPHA70 is the new system that fully responds to all the most restrictive  environmental, economic and legislative requirements.

 The new system of two seals is perfectly suited to European architectural conditions, both for applications in new buildings, as well as for restructuring. It is equipped with a striking and contemporary design and it offers the right technical solution for all architectural styles.

Thanks to a range of 70 mm profiles of 5 chambers, the system allows you to obtain exceptional thermal benefits, responding in this way to the strictest development regulations currently in Europe.

Like all ALPHACAN systems, the IN´ALPHA70 range also conforms to regulation UNI EN 12608. The profiles are extruded with mixtures of S type for severe weather, with stabilizers in Ca/ Zn and they are completely recyclable.


HST VISION is the lifting sliding system of ALPHACAN that allows you the implementation of large windows which have a wide exposure to sunlight.

Its features of high impermeability of water and air make it safe and reliable in time.

The lifting sliding mechanism with an opening provided by the sheet makes that it can be easily used and its new retractable sill facilitates the entry and accomplishes the requirements of accessibility to premises eliminating architectural barriers.


It is an in-line sliding system, compact, suitable for windows or doors; the space for the adjustable glass allows the application of different thicknesses of glasses and the metal reinforcement provides stability to the structure.

An aluminum rail of a high slip and a system of high performance brushes and sealing gaskets complete the profile.


In the Italian architectural tradition, Majorcan doors represent an element of fundamental importance. Thanks to its high aesthetic value, it gives exclusivity and harmony to any type of building. The resistance and solidity of the Majorcan door answers the requirements of mechanical stability, thanks to the use of special metal reinforcements inside of the main profiles that form the frame of the window.

The angular reinforcement of the sheet, which foresees the use of a metal bond system attached to the tubular reinforcements, ensures the necessary rigidity for the maintenance of the mechanical features during the use, even in the most extreme conditions.

It is ideal darkening complement which allows privacy and optimum solar protection. It protects against phenomena such as the corrosion by the weather, the salinity of the marine climates, it is very easy to clean and there are no other maintenance costs over time.


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