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The new pergola with DISPER adjustable slats is an innovative one for terraces. It is a bioclimatic pergola for a terraces made with adjustable slats of extruded aluminum which incorporates drainage channels for evacuation of water. In closed position it creates a waterproof structure in normal rain conditions. Depending on weather conditions, the slats can be oriented in any position, which allows an optimal ventilation and determines the degree of desired protection.

The roof is composed of extruded aluminium slats that can be adjusted to suit the need for sun protection and ventilation.

With rainfalls, the profiles of concealed drainage lead the water towards the columns. This drainage system also works while the slats are opened, once it has stopped raining. It thus ensures that the furniture beneath remains protected.

The extruded aluminium slats rotate up to 115 degrees allowing you to determine the amount of sun protection and ventilation you want. Thanks to its lightweight and elegant design and availability of the full range of colors from the RAL, the DIS-PER pergola fits in every building style: contemporary, traditional and modern.

Regardless of the weather conditions, we have always liked to spend time outside. Our gardens and terraces have become an important part of our lives, forming an ideal complement to houses, becoming as important as the interior. For this reason, we need a comfort in our stay outside.

Providing protection and aesthetics with bioclimatic pergola, now, spending time outside will be like living on the outside.

When metal slats are heated, hot air flows naturally upwards, giving space to the new cooler air to take its place. A light breeze is produced ventilating both the stay as well as the facade.

Keeping the summer sun out and letting the winter sun into our house is how you achieve a passive heating. Passive solar heating is the cheapest way to heat your home.

By regulating the slats we can regulate the entry of sunlight, and keep the air flow between the slats.

DISPER bioclimatic pergolas are composed of a slat system with a seal between them, which keeps the rain out, leading the collected water to hidden side channels.


Controlled from the remote control, the movement and position of the slats, lighting, audio, etc.
A Control system for your smartphone or tablet is also available.

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