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They don’t only provide us shade, but also protect us from the sun.

It has also been proven that using an awning we manage to reduce the radiation of thermal solar energy that reaches the interior of our house up to 80%, thus avoiding excessive use of air conditioners, providing significant energy savings while also optimizing its performance and improving its self-depreciation.

In a modern architecture, when we talk about designs, facade awnings play a key role. In fact, the fabrics are perfectly integrated into the shape of the building and they give the facade its own character. However, the facade awnings are not only beautiful, but also practical. Like the venetian blinds and the roller blinds, they offer an optimum protection against the glare.



Are you looking for a facade awning that provides the solar shading necessary even when it’s windy? Our Zip system is exactly what you need! The zipper closure is welded onto the fabric, leading the material into the elegant and discrete covered guides all along the entire length – and holding it securely. This sophisticated Zip system is also adequate for wide surfaces and helps to protect from the wind and weather. The Solozip II even withstands winds of up to 92 km/h.

Select your facade awnings from one of our two contemporary fabric collections with a large assortment of colors and integrate your solar shading perfectly with your facade design.


The Soloroll interior roller blind, installable in the front or side parts with or without guides, highlights by its slender design. A large selection of fabrics and colors are available.

The breathable fabric acts as a reflector of absorbed solar energy, as well as guaranteeing a perfect transparency and visibility. Soloroll provides in every space the necessary solar protection and, at the same time, it creates a comfortable room ambiance.



The new Opal Design II box awning highlights by its classical timeless design, hand in hand with the innovative Weinor technology. Made to shade large areas, and to mix in harmoniously with the surrounding architecture, the attractive shape of the cassette adds a sophisticated element. A wide range of tempting and practical optional extras make it easy to operate and wonderfully convenient while also extending its lifetime.


Elegant design and full of brand new technology. With its purist shape and ultra-slim cassette, the Cassita II is the perfect awning for modern domestic use. With various options for greater comfort and convenience.



The PergoTex awning converts a patio or terrace in a stunning outdoor lounge with a Mediterranean touch. When it is open, it allows you to enjoy fully the benefit of the sun, when it is closed, it provides light and UV protection. As a protection against the rain, it still resists a shower. The retractable technology provides maximum degree of wind resistance. The elegant PergoTex protects against the sun, wind and the rain. It is transformed into an impressive living room outdoors when it is equipped with vertical awnings or glass elements.


  • Cabrio system
  • Protection against strong rain
  • Integrated Led-lights
  • Extendable with lateral glass cover
  • Width and projection (max): 7m x 6,5m
  • Pvc-covered pergola and 56 frame colors to choose from



The outside shading is the solution for a variety of cover types. One of the innovators in the design of horizontal awnings: Due to the custom design, the WGM TOP adds an extra dimension to any sun room or veranda/patio roof system. The roof mounted awnings protect against overheating and therefore help to create a pleasant climate. It is a proven quality in thousands of trials, tensioning technology which makes it exceptionally resistant and guarantees a fabric that is practically crease-free.


SOTTEZZA II - Awnings for mounting under cover

Enjoy relaxing times under your patio roof – this is the promise that is kept by your Sottezza II. The decorative inside shadowing is elegant, sleek and understated – and suitable for almost every patio roof. The Sottezza II quite simply invites you to relax. And that’s what you’ll be able to do. That’s because this awning reduces the development of heat under the glass and provides for feel-good temperatures – also in the summer. In the cooler seasons, the warming solar rays are used to heat up your patio area. At the same time, the Sottezza II also provides effective glare protection.

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